About Me

Hi All

Another Personal Finance Site …Not Again…

Well Well Well……So Another Software Engineer…Jumps into Personal Finance Education and Spreading Financial awareness among various section of Indian Society..

So why most of Software Engineers are doing the same….This is not true as I know few Doctors also..doing the same. (People Care about their own countrymen)

Guys , We really need this, We need to get out old fashioned  Investing/Saving  Instruments and change our self  as per new world.

So here I am for Spreading awareness about

“How to achieve Financial Freedom”

“How to achieve Financial Goals”

“How to Save and Invest”

“What are new products for optimum Returns”

“What we should teach our Kids”

So here is my small contribution to society…..this  Site.

Please post your comments/suggestions and contribute on various Articles posted.