Demontization – India is changing


Demonetization is the act of stripping a currency unit of its status as legal tender.

On the evening of 8th Nov, India decides to demonetized its widely accepted 500/- and 1000/- notes (86% of total Value) and then show begins.

It created 2 different views in India

1) Some people criticized this decision , still to find the reason why ? Some thing obvious or some pain expected during transition to new system.

2) Some were Happy thinking of long term following philosophy “short term pain,Long term gain”

Not sure how future will be but one thing is sure an honest Indian is feeling like he is now above first grade citizen.

2-3 hrs standing in queue and discussing about economy like cricket , everyone become economist and discussing about this move by our PM.

I saw some old people standing in queue helped by others by allowing them to get money early , I think humanity come back.

People were caring for each other, seems every one become equal.

People were happy to see new 2000/- note and uploading selfie’s with proud.

I believe soon things will become normal like before demonetization, much gains for economy in longer term, might be we will be able to unearth some unaccounted money but for sure it will be blow for fake currency.

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