Tax day? Outsource it – Guest Post


This is Guest Post from Ivy who work with teamwork accounting
Truley said “Why you should hire an accountant to handle all your financial needs?|”

Thanks Ivy for nice article.

As an adult, you do things for yourself most of the time. All the cleaning, cooking, getting to where you need to go, you decide for yourself what to wear, even gardening and renovating is often done in house these days. We often outsource some of these tasks, for example when we hire a cleaner, go to a restaurant, or take a taxi. Most of us don’t have our own personal in-house stylist to tell us what to wear. For the most part, we have to take care of that sort of stuff ourselves.

That said, there are some things you could never do on your own. Invasive surgery surgery, dental work, for example. For most of us, accounting and financial services should fall into that category too. Of course, if you’re a trained accountant with a thorough understanding of the tax system, you’ll save time and money by doing it yourself. But if your skills lie elsewhere, and you are just trying to penny pinch, then maybe you should think again. Accounting is labour intensive, more so than those without accounting experience would think, because it takes a long time to achieve the thoroughness the tax department demands. When you weigh it up, is that the best and most efficient way for you to spend your time? By learning all the intricacies of tax law? There are already so many accounting firms, like Teamwork Accounting, who have done the hard work already. If you can hand it over to an accountant to have it done in less than half the time, it won’t work out any cheaper to spend a week laboring over the receipts of the last financial year. Moreover, if you make a mistake it might cost you a lot of money, like in a fine from the tax department.You or your business could be paying for your mistakes and missed opportunities for years to come.



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