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Everything is negotiable!  If you don’t ask, you won’t get!

Remember FIAT –advertisement  “thoda Kam ho sakta hai”… The world has changed.  It used to be that only big ticket items such as a house, a car were negotiable, but now in the new tough economy just about everything is negotiable. If an item isn’t on sale, it’s up to you to change that.  The way to do this is by speaking up.  Don’t be embarrassed to ask the salesperson or the owner of the store the following question: “Can you do better on the price?”  This is the key question to ask in order to save money via negotiation.

It’s only 7 words, takes a few seconds to say and it can save you thousands.  The worst thing the seller can say is “no” – there’s nothing to lose and it never hurts to ask.

Here are some guidelines to help you save money through negotiation:

  • Do your research.  Know the lowest price the item sells for at other retailers.  Price checking online is the only way to go.
  • Once you know the lowest price use this as a starting point for the negotiation.
  • Remember, ultimately it is the price that counts, not the discount.
  • Always ask, “Can you do better on the price?”
  • If they agree to lower the price, counter with an even lower offer.
  • If you are able to pay cash, the merchant will avoid a 1.5% MasterCard/Visa or 3%+ Amex fee and may pass the savings on to you.  And you should ask for a cash discount.
  • Shop with a list – whether it is a grocery list, school supply list, or gift list – to avoid unnecessary or impulse purchases.
  • If you don’t need the item, it’s not a bargain. Avoid filling your home with clutter and wasting money on low-cost items that you don’t actually need.
  • Watch grocery stores for double coupon days and special discount sales events (like Wednesdays etc)
  •  Always try to deal with a store owner, a decision maker, the boss. They can give discounts that are well beyond the salesperson.  It may sound cruel, but by dealing with the head person, you may be able to avoid the salesperson’s commission and have the savings passed on to you and get a better deal.


I’ll tell you one story of Shoe Shopping experience:


I liked one shoe from one of big brand showroom, MRP of a pair of shoe was 3000/- Rs with 20% discount offer by store. 2400/- was final price.

Now I visited one of the super hit Shopping portal with same shoe offering 45% discount on MRP – Now cost of shoe was 1650/- and guess what to promote online shopping in India .one offer was going on 400/- off on order above 1500/-

Yes , I got same pair of Shoe in 1250/- and its lovely one.

So , you understood…Always .Ask/Research for Discount…..






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