Live frugally and manage your finances – some tips you may consider -Guest Post


This Article is written by D.j.perkins who is financial writer from US specially for people of US.


In the current economic situation that’s prevalent in the United States, it has become more important than ever before to carefully manage each one’s personal finance. This is because most end up spending more than their income and aren’t aware of what they’re spending. One shouldn’t forget that these are tough economic times and people are actually ending up jobless and homeless. Hence, it’s advisable that you practice proper financial management.

Effective tips to manage your personal finance while living frugally

You can obviously try frugal living if you’re looking to manage your finances well. In fact, both are directly linked with one another. Here are some unique and effective tips that’ll help you to do so.

1. Analyze your finances: The first thing you’ve got to do is analyze your current financial situation. Even before you set up a budget, it’s important that you plan to eliminate debt and plan for savings. This is one of those very important steps that most forget to undertake pretty often. You can make use of personal finance software for your own use which will help you to assess your current financial situation properly. This step actually requires you to identify as well as track all income and expenses, as well as your debt and savings.

2. Make the cuts: Now that you’ve analyzed what your current situation is, it’s time that you decide on where you can make the cuts. There are quite a few areas where you can save money. For instance, if there’s a monthly fee associated with your bank statements, then check out if there are any better options available that would save you on the unnecessary expense. Another simple way to practice frugal living would be by cutting down on your phone bill. For instance, if there’s anything on your bill that you have to pay for but you currently don’t use can be done away with. You could also consider the bundling service wherein you can bundle up your cable, phone and cell phone with the same provider.

3. Stick to a household budget: Managing your personal finance and frugal living ultimately requires budgeting. Hence, it’s always advisable that you stick to an efficient household budget. Make a list of all your income and expenditure. Once you’ve done that it’s important that you understand and take decisive action about the places where you should cut down your expenses. Don’t even dream of practicing frugal living without taking this step.

4. Decrease habits of dining out: It’s time to reduce your habits of eating out. Believe it or not, but dining out actually reduces a lot of your expense and you can actually end up saving a lot. Try and pack your lunches and practice cooking dinner at home. It’s not only economically beneficial, but also healthy.

5. Try reducing your cable channels: This is one of those factors that most don’t think of in general. However, it remains a fact that you must not be watching all those cable channels in any case. So think properly and cut down on all those channels that you don’t really need. It’ll go on to save you a lot of expenses.

The 5 tips given above are some of the ways in which you can manage your finances as well as continue practicing frugal living. There are many other ways in which you can do so provided you think clearly and see for yourself what are the things that are really not needed.



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