Buying a CAR…Plan it! and SAVE!


Now in INDIA in absence of Good Public Transport a CAR become a necessity at least for Family We often depend on our vehicles to get us to and from work every day, transport children to various classes, and even for weekends for outing.

So what kind of vehicle you actually required..The vehicle choices are almost endless, so finding the right combination of wants and needs with an  affordable price tag can be challenging.

Few things we must keep in mind..

CAR Loans EMI :: This is 100% True that nobody goes to dealership first time with a cheque in Hand
and believe me the salespeople know this. That is why the negotiation almost always revolves around
how much you can afford to pay for the car each month. This is the easiest way to spend too much on
your next vehicle. When negotiating a price, the dealer can do a number of things to make almost any
vehicle fit your budget. They can do this by adjusting interest the interest rate, offer you a longer
term on the loan, or restructure the financing in a way that creates a payment that fits in your budget.

So don’t fall under this TRAP….Check your Pocket first…

USED v/s NEW: Hopefully we all know A vehicle is not an investment. Vehicles depreciate in value
quickly, so when you buy a new vehicle, you can expect it to continuously decrease in value. In fact, a new car
typically decreases in value by 25%-40% in the first two years. The best thing you can do is to let someone
else take the initial 40% hit and buy a slightly used vehicle that is a year or two old.

We all know buying a new CAR always have emotionally sound decision but its not financially sound.

You can opt to purchase an extended warranty which is typically far cheaper than the value the car
lost in the first year or two.


Are you are single person who needs a vehicle just to get you to and from work every day?
Then you probably don’t need that >15 Lac SUV with > 2000 cc engine. You want a vehicle that meets
your specific needs. So better check your needs rather than what you want…..


Maintenance – Varies from 4000 -15000/Year
Insurance Cost – 7000 -25000/Year
Fuel Cost (Diesel/Petrol) – Depends upon running 1000 Km /Month – 7 rs/Km -84000/Year
Parking Charges – Depends 800/month – 10000 /Year

So..Next time when you buy car….Pls Pls..Pls think what you need and what you want…





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