Financial Planning/Awareness for Young 22-25 Years Old just joined Job


Just completed your graduation and have a great job to join. First of all Congrats.

What are Plans of your first few Salaries………..?

Do  I need to think about Financial Planning now…….?

What is Insurance………..??

What is Mutual Funds……..??

Stock Market…..?  Bad Thing….??

So here are Few Tips who have just joined Jobs………….


First Salary —– Must go to Parents , They are the one because of their blessing you are here today, Let them decide what to do with your first Salary. I hope you all are agree with me.

After all its “Happiness” matters always. When you see confidence and Happiness in your Parents face – Nothing like it.


Well Now…..About Financial Planning……This is 100% True , we should be doing Financial Planning the day we starts our jobs, My advise is some different actually we should be doing from 2nd months salary onwards J


1)      Keep a check if your parents/you have taken education Loan to complete your Grad/Post Grad. Its time to Repay it my friend, so plan for it


  • Make a additional contribution what you/your father already paying for your Loan so it vanish asap.


2)      Check if Parents have Medical Insurance, If they do not have, Buy them one. (This is best Gift), Check out if your company policy allows enrolling them for Medical Insurance. Please do that without second thought.

3)      Now what for Retirement, What you are saying Man? I have just joined Job and why should I think about retirement. Read Below.


Do you really know “Power Of Compounding” , I hope most of us have read in our 10,+2 classes about Principal, Interest, Compounded Interest etc. There is one factor called “no of Years” in the Formula.

RD Formula


Formula Used:

M = ( R * [(1+r)n – 1 ] ) / (1-(1+r)-1/3)

M = Maturity value
R = Monthly Installment
r = Rate of Interest (i) / 400
n = Number of Quarters (No of Years X4)

This tool will help you dynamically to calculate the Recurring Deposits Maturity Value for Quarterly Compounding.

You can also check

Look by Saving 5000/- a Month on any good Mutual fund for 37 Years (60-23) to Retire @ 15% Interest gives you around 9.5 Crores when you turn 60.

This is called Power of Compounding.

And If you Save Same amount for 20 Years it will be only around 73 Lacs.

See benefits of start early. (Power of Compounding)

Also again saying You can save and become rich by Habit only

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Keep watching this Space for More Tips …for Young people…

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