The new rules of financial planning india


Author: Asav Patel, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
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Index [What's inside this eBook?]

1. Introduction: Financial Planning in India
2. What is Financial Freedom? – The Definition
3. Know the Power of Compound interest before starting Financial Planning
4. How much is enough to retire in India?
5. Budgeting: The most important Exercise
6. Why Budgeting? – So you spend less than you Earn
7. Get out of Debt: The first step of Financial Planning
8. How to get out of debt?
9. Emergency Fund – A Must Thing
10. Financial products available in India
11. Financial planning for Retirement
12. Financial planning for child’s future
13. Consider inflation
14. Basic asset classes
15. Investment time horizons
16. The power of long term investing
17. Best financial products in India
18. Best asset class – Equity – Know the power of equity
19. Worst financial products in India-Avoid these products any how
20. Keep (Insurance) agents out of Financial planning game
21. ULIP Charges in India
22. The Simple & most Powerful Financial Planning formula – Term Insurance + Mutual Funds + PPF
23. Pure term life insurance
24. Online term insurance plans in India
25. Medical check-ups for Term insurance plans – Is it necessary?
26. Mutual funds
27. PPF (Public Provident Fund
28. Asset allocation
29. Mutual Funds Portfolio Building
30. NFOs – A Risky Bet – Beware NFO Lovers
31. The power of SIP (Systematic Investment Plan)
32. How to Choose Best Mutual Funds in India?
33. How to Invest in Indian Mutual Funds?
34. KYC (know your Client) for the Mutual Funds
35. Direct Equity Investing: Myths & Facts – Is it for You?
36. What is Demat Account? How to open Demat account in India?
37. How to learn stock market investing?
38. Value Investing – Benjamin Graham Formula
39. IPO Investing – Good or Bad?
40. When to Buy a Home on Home Loan?
41. PAN Card
42. Tax Planning for Dummies in India
43. Income Tax Benefits on Home Loans in India
44. HRA – House Rent Allowance
45. Tax Saving Infrastructure Bonds – Section 80CCF
46. Gift Tax in India
47. Wealth Tax in India
48. Income Tax Return (ITR) filing –Which ITR Form to Use?
49. Fixed Deposits & Government Bonds in India
50. Corporate (Company) Fixed Deposits in India
51. Post-office Savings Schemes in India
52. Gold Investing in India
53. Chit Funds in India
54. Digital Assets / Web Properties àThe Next Generation Investing
55. Art Investment in India
56. Offbeat Assets
57. Health Insurance (mediclaim) in India
58. Gold Loan in India
59. Personal Loans
60. How to Generate Steady Income after Retirement?
61. NPS (NPS) – New Pension Scheme – A Bad Idea
62. EPF (Employee’s Provident Fund)
63. Car & Auto Loans in India
64. WILL – A Very important step of Financial Planning
65. Top 14 Most Common Financial Planning Mistakes
66. 5 Model Portfolios of Intelligent Indian Investors

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