Reduce your electricity bill through little more care.


How to reduce your electricity bill through little care.

These are many gadgets/instruments in our home which consumes power unnecessary when in standby mode.

How much a device consumes power in stand by, Please refer below Table (Considering  Rs 6.1 /Kwh Charges for most of electricity board in india)

How to eliminate this standby power consumption

Well answer to this question is very simple always switch off the device from the main power switch as compared to switch off them from remote or by any other means. Following are some of the points by which you can reduce the power consumption.

– Don’t use remote to switch on and off any device. By doing so we are putting the device on standby by mode which consumes power.

– Some device consumes more power in standby as compared to other device of same configuration. For example Split air conditioner consumes more power in standby mode as compared to the window air conditioner in standby mode.

-Connect the entire device which may be in standby mode every time to one MCB. By this I mean that you can have
different power plugs for each device but all the power switches is to be connected to one MCB.
The benefits is that all devices can be switched off at once.




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