Earn from Your Credit Card:


How…..Well I can Explain::

1) Your credit card can help you get an interest-free loan for up to 50 days.
Credit cards have a one-month billing cycle and customers usually get 20 days
to pay the bill.
If you pay the entire bill by the due date, no interest is charged on the credit.
So, if you time your purchases correctly and buy at the beginning of the cycle,
the charges will appear only in the next month’s bill and you could get up to 50 days
of interest-free credit, or free money.

This money can enjoy 7% Saving account Interest (So earning Directly)

e.g : Say you spent 200000/- on Your Credit card.
: 52 Days to Bill Payment.
: Interest Earned :1945/- (If you keep 200000/- in your account with saving Interest of 7% (Yes Bank))

So Net earning of 1945/- with in 50 Days 🙂 Interesting.

So keep 2 Credit cards to enjoy Max Free Credit Period.

2) Enjoy Starting/Joining Benefits of Credit Card ,now a days most of Cards are providing free 1000/- Coupons of various
Shpping Sites and some Petrol Vouchers.

3) Use Reward Points/Cash Back to buy Things – Another Benefit Free of Costs.



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