Insurance Myths


When we are out to Investments or Insurance or Save TAX .

We generally met with few people and most of these are :

— Relative’s
— Friends
— Friend’s Freind,
— Relative’s Friends.
— Uncle Jee’s
— Father’s Friends

And Believe me , All of above will ensure you get a ULIP plan,Endowments, Money Back plans of various Companies.

“Some one will come and you pay money , don’t even bother to read the documents, just Sign few doc’s and thats it”

You saved TAX 🙂 and you will get XXX Amount as Money Back..after each 5 Years.

No body asked this question “How much Insurance will i have in case of any mishappening”

If you ask “You will get answer like 1 Lac, 2 Lac sometime 3 Lacs.

Do you really think in this world 2 or 3 lacs will be sufficient for how many months/years for taking care of your dependents.

“Think about it”.

So……….here is my suggestion.

Always have Pure Term Plan which cover your for any kind Life Risk.

– Better go for Online (This will be cheap)
– Cover you for atlease 8-10 times of your Annual Income.
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